Welcome to The Green Flavor

This space is geared towards helping people grow into better humans by discussing socio-personal issues related to anthropology, history, technology, outdoor recreation, and anything that promotes an understanding of the evolving human experience.

Discussions About What It Means To Be Human

The Green Flavor’s focus on the human experience must include discussions about the events that got us to where we are today. The natural sciences have opened up doors to understanding that have radically redefined perceptions of ourselves and our place in the universe, and this radicalization will continue throughout our lifetimes. Discoveries made by archeologists continue to upend and redefine our understanding of ourselves, and the wealth of anthropological information available to us today is nothing short of astounding. 

The Green Flavor is all about embracing anthropological insights for discussions about growth and nature, but let it be stated here that evolutionary psychology is not a reasonable approach to understanding the human condition. Also, the speculative propositions made by some writers regarding prehistory might be entertaining, but they’re more valuable for their sensationalism than for their reasonable truths. This disclaimer is necessary since The Green Flavor is all about arriving at truth through a critical examination of information, and this emphasis seems to be lacking in contemporary discourse.

Although we can gain awesome insights from our prehistoric ancestors, it’s also important to recognize the ways that social evolution has radically reshaped our perceptions of reality. The Green Flavor is all about discussing issues related to historical and modern notions of personhood; intuitive and rational understandings of consciousness; and the idea that humanity is at the crossroads of either paramount socio-personal evolution or unparalleled global catastrophe.

How Do Synthetic Environments Affect Us?

The evolution of humanism has led society away from the illusions of supernatural divinity, yet it seems that the data-mining magic of consumer tech has created a new and unfolding crisis for the human experience. But the ancient goal of creating a better humanity should not be lost in this new crisis. Therefore, The Green Flavor isn’t just about examining the way that we relate to new consumer tech, it’s also about contemplating the momentum of social progress that’s been evolving since prehistory. And beyond that, this site will look at the crossroads of these phenomena.

There will also be plenty of content about outdoor recreation since interactions with nature are vital in shaping a better humanity. Our links with the natural world are frayed and sick, and The Green Flavor draws influence from thinkers like Aldo Leopold and Henry David Thoreau to drive education and insight. An unhealthy amount of human perception is now squeezed and filtered through electronic devices, and promoting relationships with the natural world is at the forefront of The Green Flavor’s mission.

Lessons From the East, and Lessons From the West

Western cultural perceptions have been shaped by the dualistic thinking that was born from the rational materialism of ancient Mediterranean cultures. The atomic theory and this focus on objective reality created the lineage of scientific inquiry that has benefited humanity with many things from medicine to engineering. But it’s also birthed the atomic bomb and industrialism, whose effects are now ravaging this planet’s shared habitat. There is no denying the awesome power that the western materialistic worldview creates, but the source of this power, what taoists refer to as yang energy, has created a horrific imbalance that has birthed cycles of exploitation and greed. 

If our culture is top heavy with yang energy, then it must be balanced with yin energy. Unlike western civilizations that washed their pasts away in the name of ambitious progress, many Asian cultures have retained indeginous perspectives and wisdom. This can be seen in Japanese Shinto and Indian Yoga, but the essence of this perspective is shared by all cultures that haven’t drowned in the sea of western influence. A functional global society must honor and incorporate these ancient perspectives since their focus on holistic relationships can teach us how to live as members of ecologies, rather than users of them.

The Green Flavor seeks to help people harmonize different cultural perspectives and practices to drive social evolution towards a better humanity. It’s important to use the tools of critical thinking to arrive at truths about ourselves and nature, and The Green Flavor aims to avoid promoting pseudoscience and information that leads away from truth and the path of socio-personal evolution. Ultimately, one of the chief questions driving this site is how can we retain a rational mindset while getting joyfully lost in the sea of the spirit?


Like plants that grow and twist to accommodate their environment, The Green Flavor will take its own natural path as time progresses. The seed is now planted, and only time can tell what this site will become. But one thing is certain: this growth will bear fruits of wisdom and knowledge for the community to consume freely. Thank you for being here.

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