The 6 Principles of Treeroots Infrastructure Development

The Mission: To develop novel infrastructure solutions by focusing on ecocentric harmony and lifestyle evolution.

The Green Flavor seeks to transcend normative lifestyle design by honing human beings’ symbiotic relationship with the community around us. A lack of imagination has always been the greatest threat to human survival, and we must now honor the ways of our ancestors by adapting to a rapidly changing environment, just as many of them did.

The Green Flavor advocates treeroots activism which is like grassroots organizing, except it’s meant to be stronger, more dynamic, and longer lasting. These 6 Principles are the foundational values guiding the development of an ecovillage that will serve as a prototype for social infrastructure that eliminates economic, spiritual, and cultural poverty.

1. Social Evolution is Survival

The power dynamics that have fostered human civilization for thousands of years now threaten it’s very existence due to human supremacy and the industrial revolution’s impact on natural systems. Social organization is molded by environmental factors that grow in complexity with the exponential growth of technology, and we must take advantage of our new found social agency to form novel ways of living. The current fourth industrial revolution has forced a reckoning between natural and artificial systems; if there is any hope for future peace and prosperity, we must adopt new social standards and expectations.

2. Ecocentrism is Vital

Before the development of modern social organization, people were forced into symbiotic relationships with the environment and apparently saw themselves as actors along side animistic spirits. Once agrarian civilization and its accompanying power dynamics evolved, humanity’s agency over the environment changed and this altered our psychological relationship with natural systems. Spirits born from nature and intuition morphed into anthropomorphic gods of justice and war who, not unlike the human rulers of civilizations that venerated them, brutally exercised power over their dominions.

According to Neitzchie, god is dead by the hand of science and reason which means that the accompanying spiritual infrastructure that’s guided humanity for the last several millennia has died with it. Therefore, we must now recognize that the cyclicality of nature is guiding us away from human supremacy and back towards a more ecocentric perspective. This means that we must honor indigenous perspectives while developing a land ethic which considers the rights of all biotic and ecological systems. The alternative is global extinction.

3. Economic Liberation is Necessary

All work has value, and a nation that harbors several billionaires can no longer afford to deny basic human rights to those that must deal with poverty when they should be engaged in communal and personal development. Providing homes and basic financial rights should not be an issue in the most prosperous economy in the world, but archaic infrastructure and social organization patterns enable this highly stratified and exploitative power dynamic. By guiding the development of altruistic startups and humanistic equity initiatives, treeroots activism will challenge poverty with dynamic innovation.

4. Personal Evolution is a Right

Our society is built upon the tenets of consumerism, and this system requires a population that maintains a childlike dependence upon failing and suddenly archaic institutions.

Creativity, self-expression, and imagination are core tenets of the human experience and everyone should be have access to resources that increase self-efficacy, overall health, and access to the symbolic depths of themselves. This current age has gifted us with useful neurological insights, comprehensive access to spiritual philosophies from around the world, and technology that will guide us into a yet to be realized future.

We must now compassionately redefine the ways that we relate to nature, eachother, and ourselves. Free citizens must not be demographics, wage slaves, or workaholics. The era of defining ourselves by consumption patterns, occupation, and subordination is passing–the free citizen must be autonomous and free to define themselves however they’d like.

5. Critical Thinking is Essential

As the masses drown in surging and divergent streams of information, confirmation bias and hubris become normative values in a society that values sensationalism over humility. Education that focuses on logic, reasoning, and rhetoric is essential for creating the type of critical-growth-mindsets that common people must possess to solve the rapidly evolving environmental crisis.

This information age is in free fall and problem solving skills must developed by everyone as acts of social, ecological, and personal responsibility. Treeroots activism honors all forms of art and symbolic expression while maintaining skeptical humility towards superstitious belief systems that deny personal divinity.

6. Rhythm is Life

If you are reading this, then you are a percussionist. The human heart beats at an average of 60 – 100 times per minute while most modern music has a tempo of about 120 beats per minute. Each one of us is a song that courses through the epic of existence, and treeroots activism recognizes that musical training, appreciation, and performance leads to a greater quality of life.

The psychological benefits of music are undeniable, but there is also emerging evidence that drum therapy promotes biological healing by reducing stress. As natural history guides human civilization back towards simpler ways of living, it’s important that we honor the ancient medicinal traditions of ritual and rhythm.

Applying the 6 Treeroots Principals

These principals are the first step in journey towards a new type of civilization that will seem alien and radically functional in comparison to the current paradigm. The Green Flavor recognizes the need for communal innovation to address the growing climate crisis, but we also understand that current social systems and institutions are top heavy and ready to topple upon us all. Therefore, treeroots infrastructure development must become a mass movement to challenge the parasitic status quo in the name of ecocentric survival.

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