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Staying Safe From Bees, Wasps, Yellow-Jackets, and Hornets

Although stinging insects are generally more interested in doing their work than fighting, it’s important to know what to do if you encounter a deadly swarm. Simply avoiding bees wasps, yellow-jackets, and hornets is the best option for staying safe, but you should also… Continue Reading “Staying Safe From Bees, Wasps, Yellow-Jackets, and Hornets”

How To Survive A Flood

Our world will become increasingly prone to catastrophic flooding as the effects of climate change raise ocean levels and disrupt weather systems. Therefore, it’s important to be aware of flood risks and survival strategies to ensure the well-being of yourself, your family, and other… Continue Reading “How To Survive A Flood”

Understanding The Patient Assessment System

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a study guide and refresher for people that are interested in wilderness medicine. Although it contains life-saving information, it shouldn’t take the place of proper training and certification from an accredited company. To provide proper care to… Continue Reading “Understanding The Patient Assessment System”

How To Survive A Hurricane

What Is A Hurricane? Hurricanes are intensely destructive storm systems that form over oceans before hitting land. Hurricane season starts on May 15th for the north Pacific and June 1st for the caribbean area. It lasts though November 30th. Hurricanes can trigger landslides, tornados,… Continue Reading “How To Survive A Hurricane”

How To Survive A Landslide

Landslides occur in all 50 states, but the Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, and Pacific Coast are at the greatest risk from these natural disasters. These events can occur without warning, but there are signs to look out for to keep yourself safe. As with… Continue Reading “How To Survive A Landslide”

Understanding The Survival Rule Of Threes

The Four 3s of survival are guidelines to help people understand the length of time that they can go with air, shelter, water, and food. Keep in mind that these are guidelines and the lengths of time may be longer or shorter for some… Continue Reading “Understanding The Survival Rule Of Threes”

How To Survive A Forest Fire

Forest fire season is quickly becoming a year round event as average global temperatures steadily increase. Every year, wildfires break records for size and amount of destruction that they cause, and there’s no sign of this trend abating. Therefore, it’s important to know how… Continue Reading “How To Survive A Forest Fire”

Understanding Tsunamis For Survival

Living on or near a coastal area exposes you to several sea born natural disasters, so it’s important to understand strategies to survive these events. Though rare, tsunamis are devastating events that can take hundreds-of-thousands of lives and wipe out entire communities. Therefore, understanding… Continue Reading “Understanding Tsunamis For Survival”

How To Signal For Rescue

When disaster strikes and puts you against the forces of nature, it’s important to help rescuers locate you. Most survival situations don’t last longer than several days due to the nature of modern search and rescue techniques, but it’s important to make that sure… Continue Reading “How To Signal For Rescue”

How To Survive Heat Related Illness

The human body experiences hyperthermia, or heat-related illness, when it reaches temperatures above 100° F. Taking proper preventative measures is the best way to avoid overheating, but it’s also important to know what to do if you’re in a situation that’s too hot for… Continue Reading “How To Survive Heat Related Illness”